Saturday, August 6, 2011

Think WE! Speaking Tour

Hello Penguins!
Do you want to help motivate others make a difference in the world? How about nominating your school for a tour about giving?
We've teamed up with international charity group Free The Children to present "Think WE!" -- a speaking tour and leadership program for students ages 8-14. 
blog_110805.jpgJust like the team at Club Penguin, the "Think WE!" speakers are passionate about making a difference. They share stories to inspire YOU to take action both where you live and around the world!  
You can learn more about this free program, or nominate a school from our Global Citizenship page. The program is available anywhere in English, French and Spanish!
You'll need to nominate your school before Monday, August 8 for a chance to participate in this year's tour.
Until then... Waddle On and Make a Difference!

Thanks Billybob for this new update. I can't nominate my school, because I am not in elementary school - but it would be great if these people could come to our school! It's awesome of Club Penguin to be doing this. Thanks for this great opportunity, and teaming up with Think WE! 

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