Friday, August 5, 2011

Club Penguin Times Issue #302 | August 4, 2011

The Great Snow Race Announced! 
"The Great Snow Race begins August 25!" says Gary the Gadget Guy. This is exciting news for sports fans, but the announcement raises lots of questions. Like, why would Gary throw an extreme sporty party? Outside the Everyday Phoning Faculty, a reporter asked Gary! He had to say this... "My zest for the sporting life is indestructible - in other words I really love sports!" said Gary the Gadget Guy. "I simply can't get enough, um...extreme walking! And...intense reading!" "I'm very - what's the word. Ah yes, stocked, I'm very stocked for racing and such!" Whatever Gary's reason for the party, it's time to sharpen your skies - The Great Snow Race starts August 25!

Epic Extreme Sports Igloos
Serious sports fans can soon build epic ramps in their igloos! One snowboarder spoke to us about the indoor ramp she's building. "I'm planing an intense course," she said. "So my team can practice on tracks that twists, and ramps that slant!" "We gotta ramp up our game for the Great Snow Race. Then we can chill out with slushies from my slushie maker! How rad will that be? Check out all the extreme igloo gear when it hits the Better Igloos catalog August 11. 

News Flash: 
Race to the Gift Shop for the latest extreme sports gear. Suit up with snow and stunt equipment in the Penguin Style catalog. 

Upcoming Events:
  1. Starting August 11: Better Igloos Catalog | New igloo items: half-pipes, stair ramps - even a slushie Maker! 
  2. Starting August 18: Party Construction: Workers: help build winners podiums for the Great Snow Race.
  3. August 18: Team Blue vs. tem Red! Cheer on your favorite team at the Stage.
  4. Starting now: Stock up on racing gear in the Gift Shop! 

Wow! These new events going on seem to be AWESOME. It looks like the Great Snow Race is an Undercover EPF mission. Gary was very nervous when penguins interview him - so he is defiantly working on something. Agents: Keep your eyes peeled for anything going on. 

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