Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Club Penguin Behind the Scene's

In this video, you will notice very strange things. Some things that are extremely classified - and only we could know! There are even some sneak peeks in the video I wanted to know you guys. Take a look...and remember, don't tell anyone these secerets...
I've always wondered what operating system Club Penguin used, and it looks like they use both Windows and Mac!  They use Dells...and not other brands xD
It looks like Club Penguin is working on the scripting for Operation: Black Out! Look at the screen...you can see someone working on the script. The script isn't readable. but the title is!

It looks like Club Penguin behind the scenes is just as fun as Club Penguin itself. It would be cool to work there, wouldn't it? I'm more into graphic designing, so I would defiantly work in that department. Penguins, make sure to stay alert for Operation Blackout!  

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