Monday, August 1, 2011

August Tour Guide & EPF Paychecks

After a whole month of hard work of giving tours, and keeping the island safe - Club Penguin has payed all penguins that are currently employed as an EPF Agent, and/or Tour Guide 600 coins in total for both jobs. Make sure to log onto Club Penguin, and quickly buy any items you couldn't buy, because the Adventure Party is ending very soon.
Agent Edster12499: Thank you for going beyond the call of duty to keep Club Penguin safe. 
To: Edster12499. Thank you for giving tours of Club Penguin. 250 Coins have been added to your account. 

Cool! Thanks Club Penguin for giving us these coins. I'll be using them to buy some last minute items Rockhopper left us. Make sure to get your last minute items before time runs out! :-) 

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